Living Deliberately

It’s not as if I’ve had a death-defying experience, nor have I found my destiny. But somewhere between actually leaving Chicago and having understood that I left Chicago, something has changed. I am slowly shaking the dullness that covered my senses. The air smells more crisp (and I’m sure it’s not just the mountain air), … Continue reading Living Deliberately

Missing Out

I was lucky to watch last week’s awesome upset by NU over Wisconsin, this week, being at work made me miss watch the dramatic game against Purdue. And now, I’m missing the best college football game of the year: USC vs. ND going down to the wire. Continue reading Missing Out


Ever since I move to Seattle, I’ve been taking more photos. I’ve been using a second-hand Canon EOS D60 for the last 3 weeks or so and it’s good to get back into the SLR action. Continue reading EOS