I’m on the Hertz bus to pick up my rental car at 12:30am KC time. Every time I get on the Hertz bus, they ask me “Goldmember, sir?” I always try not to crack up when they ask me that since all I can think about is Austin Powers. I want to be a #1 … Continue reading Goldmember

Alki Beach

Seattle summers are amazing. Cool ocean breeze, cloudless sky, 75-degrees all the time. After hitting the Bite of Seattle (a different version of the Taste of Chicago — one that allows pets), my friend Gene and I hit Alki Beach, a popular summer weekend neighborhood in West Seattle, on our bikes. Continue reading Alki Beach


I’ve always had an affinity towards mushrooms. Not sure why. On my way to the airport, I stopped by an Italian restaurant called Bravo and they have a cream of morell soup. If I have a favorite mushroom, it’d be the rare and expensive morell. Continue reading Mushrooms

Dining out alone

Some things are just social events. Watching a movie in a theatre, bowling and eating at a restaurant to name a few. If I do any of these things alone, I become acutely aware of all those around me who are not doing it alone. I’d eat at home if I were home, but I … Continue reading Dining out alone