The New Mustang

Southwest is delayed yet again. This is the third delay in four flights. But it does give me some time to write about the 2005 Ford Mustang which I rented for 2 days. First impression is the agressive styling which evokes the muscle car feeling with its long hood and wide stance. Its sweeping roof … Continue reading The New Mustang

The coming of the fall?

I read an interesting article today in The Economist which predicts a fall or flattening of real estate prices in the US. I can’t help but agree that the irrational exhubrance of the stock market may be repeated in real properties. I’ve had this nagging feeling about it as well, but that may just be … Continue reading The coming of the fall?

Note to self

Maybe we can rent a 1 br. in the city and buy a cheaper weekend home towards the Pacific with a view of the water. Silverdale Lake seems like a cute resort town. Bremerton looks more like a rundown naval town. Continue reading Note to self