Into the Bat Cave!

When I drove today, the top of was down. Damn the rain — I can out fox it. And I did manage to sneak back into my garage with moments to spare before the thunderstorm bore down — with the top down, and a grin permanently etched to my face. While it stormed outside, I … Continue reading Into the Bat Cave!

Shameless advertisement

Emily’s beloved Ping Ping is for sale. It’s 2002 Honda Civic EX Sedan with 43,000 miles in excellent condition. More photos here if you’re interested in seeing her — the car, not Emily. She’s asking $11,499. I’d have no qualms recommending this car to anyone since I’ve personally overseen its maintenance and detailing (with an … Continue reading Shameless advertisement

A Car is in the Details

I spent about 4 hours last night detailing Emily’s car. Her Honda Civic, Ping Ping, is for sale.I did the seats, doors, windows, uninstalled the satellite radio, subwoofer and the wiring needed for it. I removed practically all traces of grime and shoe marks from the inside of the car. In fact, I took an … Continue reading A Car is in the Details

Texas Trial Twist

I recently brought you the insane story of a Texas jury who decided that Ford was responsible for the ejection death of some poor unseatbelted fools. Now it turns out, there’s a pretty good reason why the jury decided that. This tale has more twists than a Twizzler. Make sure you scroll down half way … Continue reading Texas Trial Twist