Squirrel Nut Killers

I thought they were supposed to be hibernating or something. But since they are hanging around on my balcony, they are clearly not. Last fall, I let them build a nest on the balcony against Nemo’s wishes — he clearly wanted a meal. Then I found out they chewed through my grill cover. So when … Continue reading Squirrel Nut Killers


I just came back from the last hurrah for me at InstallShield. Three years is a short time, but a good one when you are able to work with people you like and make a difference. I will miss the people who made InstallShield as great as it was. Continue reading Benvoyage

Clearing up the air

Let me give you the facts on why I don’t work for Macrovision anymore — no I didn’t steal office supplies. (FYI, InstallShield was acquired by Macrovision in July of 2004.) A few months ago, I got into a little disagreement with the management and I asked to be let go. So they granted me … Continue reading Clearing up the air