Soldier Field

It looks amazing and I am glad the home team won the stadium-opener. What? The people wearing the Green and Yellow are not the home team? They sure played like it was their house. Sidenote: My dog is snoring. He fell asleep watching the game. Hahahaha… Truth is funnier than fiction. Continue reading Soldier Field

Let me explain

When I posted on 2003/09/12 (I am referencing myself, is this ridiculous or what?) I was wondering about whether I should go to grad school for architecture. I think when I first started blogging, I was dealing with the same issue, although, I was unemployed at the time. My life would be so different had … Continue reading Let me explain

The Buzzsaw

I gave my dog a haircut today. And I am glad dog’s don’t care how they look cause it looks awful. Poor thing looks like it’s missing patches of fur. I hear it takes practice to get it right and I’m glad it’s him who is the canvas. Sure makes me chuckle every time I … Continue reading The Buzzsaw