Chase Cam

Some of you have seen this already. No, it’s not all that entertaining, but if any of you want to create a cheap chase cam for your car and your hot rodding buddies, here are the instructions on building a Weatherproof Car Cam. Continue reading Chase Cam

Citizen Kane

I finally saw Citizen Kane in it’s entirely for the first time. The movie RKO 281 prompted me to watch it. RKO is a movie about the making of Citizen Kane and it’s lends a lot more depth and historical perspective to why Citizen Kane is the greatest American movie ever made. Then I wondered, … Continue reading Citizen Kane

Who Art Thou?

I purchased 3 very large frames from Ikea yesterday and I need to find something to put in them. For the time being, they have differently crumpled up paper inside them. I like the minimalist feel, but they’re not really colorful and I want to put some color in my living room. So I started … Continue reading Who Art Thou?