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4 thoughts on “Press & Speaking”

  1. dear Ben Huh
    we are a portuguese weekly magazine called SABADO ( we are interested on doing a work about the sucess of “i can has cheezburguer?” and mr Ben HUH and how people respond to these blog appeals
    can we have a good portrait image of him on our magazine
    do you have anything made for the press?
    we neeed a high resolution image in 300 dpi because our deadline is this week can we receive during the following days in this week? or during weekend?

    thank you for your time and all the luck to the blogs

    Alexandre Azevedo


    Is this enough for a search warrant?
    Look for this if the picture doesn’t load.

    Mr. Huh you have this on your website, being a millionaire shouldn’t you have people who will check this stuff and not allow it on the site, or is kiddie porn ok?

    This site is one of his many sites.

    This is not even funny? As a mother I find it very offensive. Child abuse is never ok even if some idiot tattoos it on himself. IT should be removed.

    Most of the stuff you have on this site is gross but it doesn’t bother me, but this should not be on you website.

    1. Hi Jenny,

      The image of that tattoo was already removed by our moderation team well before I read your comment. Our system allows any user to flag an image if they find it offensive. I know it’s sometimes emotional to see an image that offends you, but please don’t jump to conclusions.

      Thanks for letting us know.

      – Ben

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