Life Goals

24 thoughts on “Life Goals”

  1. ben – you are an inspiring guy. I’m inspired. you have inspired me. i guess now i should go do something. maybe i will when i get home from work.

  2. can i apply for a job when im older? considering i have many relatives in Seattle i can move there. also my dad has a friend who can teach you to fly. and my dad can teach you how to ride a motorcycle. and you can help me go to college. AND if you let me apply ill bring in the donuts once a week. ILL TREAT YOU OUT TO IVORS, SPUBDS, CHINOOKS OR ANY OTHER SEA FOOD PLACES!!! OR I CAN GET YOU A DICKS CHEEZBURGER!!!! anyway your awsome.

  3. Thanks Ben for sharing your goals & visions for the future – it will be exciting to “share” your journey, cheer you on and be inspired by you.

    See you in Seattle Soon!

  4. Hello Ben,

    I’m not sure if you still update your goals or not, but I wanted to see if you could join our site and share some of your past accomplishments and future goals with some details on how you went about pursuing those goals.

    Good luck in the future in achieving your goals!

    Thank you for your time,

  5. Ben, I met you last year at the Wordcamp in New Orleans – great keynote! Noticed your traffic spiked back in October for…

    Curious what you did to drive that amount of traffic? Any assistance for aspiring web entrepreneurs would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Hi Ben – a fellow journalist here – thought I’d “take a #” if you don’t mind for when you get to bullet point #14 (and darn nice to see that on your BL. Good for you!) Let’s do lunch and discuss, my treat. Oh, and congrats on Cheezburger Network being a finalist for the Seattle 2.0 Awards 2011! Cheers.

  7. Hey Ben, I just read your story on CNET and it was very intriguing. I check out your sites every day for new laughs!

    Best of luck with achieving all your goals in the future!

  8. wow, this is the first time I’ve read someone posting thier life goals in a blog and actually following up with them and scratching out completed ones. Very cool.


  9. Hello Ben, many of your goals I also aspire to achieve in my lifetime. I have accomplished the first one on your list and am working on the third one before the second one.
    If I may ask your expert opinion what advice would you give for an individual trying to do Step 3 on your list?

    Thanks Ben!

  10. Wow – powerful post. Entrepreneurship is a hard thing, and it’s a big help to let them know that they are not alone in those hard moments. We’re here for each other.

  11. Also just noticed that your goals are similar to mine…lol and I’m just about as far down the list as you right now. (Except I found the perfect man, instead of woman). Congratulations and thanks for sharing!

  12. Ben, I’ve found your website within an article from Pandodaily.. I read your article about how you dealt with your suicidal thoughts and since I’m living these “dark days” it was really inspiring and revitalizer to me at this moment. Thanks a lot for sharing this with us!

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