Do This Once

25 thoughts on “Do This Once”

  1. do this once and life goals painted a new perspective to the colorful, dynamic, interactively engaging articulator at @ wordcamp. best speaker awarded by me. I asked U how u will remember me in the sea of wordies, u commented, “say something I won’t forget” I replied ” a man w/ a million ideas” better yet I concocted a memorable token made from a pencil and a sticker. I appreciate your time Ben, 4 all of us @ Wordcamp Denver 09, truly enjoyed listening, learning and knowing the difference u made by sharing your passion, innovation, creativity and ur way. inspired me, always another great idea. hope to speak with you soon.

  2. Hello. I made you a LOLben.
    Read a Time article about you and I couldn’t help myself. (See link)
    Please excuse the horrible photo-shopping skills.
    Have a nice day! :)

  3. Oh. You would have to click on my name to see the pic. I just figured that out. But you probably knew that already…haha;;

    Well, hope you found it funny! : )

  4. Ben, really enjoyed your talk at StartupDay conference today.
    For hot air balloon rides, I recommend Yangshuo, China to be the ideal place for it – Sunrise or Sunset. Don’t settle for anything less than that ;-)

  5. Cool list. Ever considered riding the trans-siberian railway? You’d get to go clear across Russia, skirt Mongolia, and end up a stone’s throw from Japan, and see it all from the ground, eat all the foods as they change along the way. I’m a big fan of trying to get from point A to B without leaving the ground.

  6. Quite an inspirational guy, hope you can a few more thinks on your list before you shuffle off this mortal coil.

    My first thing on my list of things to do before I die is write a list of things to do before I do…

    …that is quite a good idea for a new t-shirt actually ;)


  7. You haven’t seen a space launch yet?! Dude take your family down to my home town of Cocoa Fl and watch a launch when you can. While you’re there try taking up surfing :)

  8. visiting amsterdam will not be so difficult? Just fly to schiphol (ok now it is difficult), but let’s say 15 februari. The 16the you can attend our wonderfull event in amsterdam (even talk a little) and I will arrange a guide and tour in amsterdam.

  9. Spain should be in your “Places to visit” list. Food,wine,cava, weather, beaches, architecture…
    Definitely you should come ;) (and let us know)

  10. I think you might enjoy a ride the Orient Express…Historic train cars (especially if you wish to ‘unplug’ a bit and spend quality time with the wife), beautiful scenery and many countries …

    No I haven’t been… but… someday…

    To help you achieve a listed goal…Here is a list of Balloon Fests…

    This one is huge… PBS did a special on it…

    Of course, I would prefer it if you came to the Jackson one in Michigan (where I grew up)… but if it doesn’t fit your schedule, there are lots to choose from.

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