Google Plus Hangout Meme Template

Google Plus gave us hangouts, and a meme was born. Here’s the template if you want to make your own. Right-click, save as. It should be editable in Fireworks. The poster’s image thumbnail is 48×48. The hangout members are 32×32. That’s pretty much all you need to know. Some of my examples:

Italy, the Ostrich Republic

Italy’s courts convicted 3 Google execs in absentia for a video posted by a user using their service showing bullies beating up an autistic boy. Thanks to the video, the bullies were caught and justice was served. However, Italy’s criminal justice system also prosecuted Google who hosted the video until the investigators asked them to … Continue reading Italy, the Ostrich Republic

My Last Upgrade

I upgraded this blog from WordPress v. old.old to the latest version (which means I no longer need to do manual upgrades in the future). Every time I interact with Automattic’s products I am very impressed by their ability to translate technical prowess into effectiveness. It’s something that we try to emulate at Cheezburger. Kudos, … Continue reading My Last Upgrade

The Glamor of Trans-National TV Interviews

I appeared as a guest on The Morning Show for Australia’s Seven network. What looks like this on TV: Actually looks like this from the point of view of the talking heads: It’s amazing what you can do on TV. Also, Aussies are just so adorable!