Dear Hollywood, Please Take My Money

2 thoughts on “Dear Hollywood, Please Take My Money”

  1. Theatrical release on the biggest movies still brings a tremendous amount of money. Studios have tried to permit near-day/date VOD on several of them, but theater owners won’t have it, and threaten not to book other high-profile releases.

    It’s not a relationship the studios can afford to mess with to appease what would be a vocal minority of early adopters. It’ll come, but you’ll have to have patience…

  2. Interesting idea about the HD stream at home with movies. I’ve often thought I’d pay $10/episode to be able to watch The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad a few weeks before they air. There’s revenue everywhere. Doesn’t mean I’d be happy about it, but would my son and I get $10 bucks of enjoyment out of it? You bet your Walter White we would.

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