Now, We Need to Build the Internet Defense System

8 thoughts on “Now, We Need to Build the Internet Defense System”

  1. Ben, this is a great call to action to safeguard from future attempts to “control” the Internet. Access to and Uncensorship of the Internet needs to be a Universal Human Right. Keep of the good work and let me know how I can help.


  2. take away my real freedom, the #ndaa message, not a peep.

    take away my virtual freedom, the #sopa message, huge outcry.

    america is so weird.

  3. Given how the USA’s political system currently works maybe what we should do it use the Internet to work within the system?

    Imagine a website call “” (or similar) that allowed people to register the issues they care about and then collectively route funds on there issues to hire collective lobbyists for the issue along with “bundled” campaign donations?

    If 1% of US citizens were to join this and each pledge just $10 that would be ~$30 million available for lobbying. If 1% gave $100 each, that would be ~$300 million, probably enough to get a president elected today.

    If I lived in DC and wasn’t already toiling on an under-funded startup I’d grab this one by the horns. But I bet the Cheezeburger Network could make it a reality?

  4. There were other “poison pills” in the legislation that they could not support. It’s typical in washington for them to tack on riders to bills that change it totally.

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