I Waited 32 Years to Vote. And I Almost Didn't Make It.

16 thoughts on “I Waited 32 Years to Vote. And I Almost Didn't Make It.”

  1. I love this story! It’s nice to know there are people as passionate as you are about voting – makes up for all the others who have had the ability to vote their entire lives and choose not to. Thank you for sharing – and I love your writing style :)

  2. What a great story, Ben! Good for you for caring about this so much and for sharing this story…

    adn Kongratchoofalayshuns on yer noo sitteesenship adn welcome…
    ***ekstends floofy paw ob speshul Ammerican cheezfrendship***

    Go Ben! :)

  3. Congratulations on becoming a citizen! I’m sorry it’s so complicated for the good people who follow the rules. That’s a reform I’d like to see, but I digress… Good job getting in your ballot!

  4. Congratulations, Ben! I’m assuming this is the same Ben from Northern California with whom I shared the wisdom of Ms. Suter. Congratulations on the voting, and on your success!

  5. Congratulations on voting and citizenship! I have logged many miles in my wife’s Geo Metro, so I know what it is like to drive 1ltr 3 banger. With all the unpleasantness from all sides of all things political, it is great to read a happy story for a change.

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