Hello, I'm an iPod Nano Wristwatch. (Review)

9 thoughts on “Hello, I'm an iPod Nano Wristwatch. (Review)”

  1. In two years time, there will be a watch-based and car-based OS running Android, iOS, Windoz and hopefully Palm. Little embedded OSs that extend from other devices will be more common. Each little OS is just like an external networked device or second screen or audio reminder from the device with the bigger hard drive and processor. So, you won’t have to wait too long. It’s just going to be a painstaking wait time for teh good.

  2. Zune and iPod: Most individuals.compare the Zune to the Touch, however after seeing how slim and surprisingly small and lightweight it is, I consider it to be a quite unique hybrid that.combines qualities of both the Touch and the Nano. It’s totally colourful and wonderful OLED screen is barely smaller than the touch screen, but the participant itself feels fairly a bit smaller and lighter. It weighs about 2/three as much, and is noticeably smaller in width and height, while being only a hair thicker.

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