Top 5 Travel Lessons Learned Spending 50 Nights in Hotels

7 thoughts on “Top 5 Travel Lessons Learned Spending 50 Nights in Hotels”

  1. oops, fixed some typos.

    Regarding #1, not everyone has the same items they need to check, so for me, I just count the number and remember it. Then i can count the things I’ve done or have with me.

    Regarding the “Up in the Air” reference, he made two key errors going through security. #1 he swiped his credit card through the passport scanner on top of the kiosk, not the credit card scanner on the bottom. #2 he placed his shoes in the bin instead of on the belt, which is a waste of a bin and a waste of space on the belt.

    Here’s my own personal system for getting through TSA security:
    though it hasn’t been updated for the new body scanners which require me to remove my Titanium watch and wallet which wasn’t needed before. If the full body scanners let them see more, why do you have to take off more?

  2. Ben, I didn’t know you had a blog and really enjoyed reading this. In fact I re-shared this post to my followers on Twitter.

    Lots of great tips here from a seasoned traveler, so thanks for sharing your secrets. My “pill” trick is similar— put pills into an travel-size empty Advil bottle :-) (Luckily nothing looks alike.)

    Having spoken with you, I can hear your “voice” in your writing—something I think everyone wants to do but can’t always accomplish.


  3. Hilarious. Your writing style is so funny. And having spent 50 + nights in hotel rooms this year myself, yes, all of your tips are right on!

    My fave is to always request a high floor room so you don’t have to hear the street traffic – and maybe won’t have to partake in the sleeping pill routine (yes, I also travel with a pharmacy).

  4. Alas, I’ve only once been the guy in the first class line. But I got to tell the nasty checkin clerk that yes, I was in the right line; yes, I knew it was the first class line, and yes, I was going to Melbourne. Australia, not Florida.

    Still makes me smile.

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