Living Small is the New Living Large

2 thoughts on “Living Small is the New Living Large”

  1. I seem to remember we had a conversation long ago about how we were still living paycheck to paycheck despite raises… Though I guess if you’re counting paying off debt faster as part of your living expenses it makes sense.

    It also reminds me of something that I learned in Bible study back in the day: when you’re blessed with excess, increase your standard of giving, not your standard of living. That’s something I’ve kind of forgotten since the recession started…

    BTW, I might be stopping by Seattle in May.

  2. Wait a minute… I’m not the Joneses, am I? I believe my car is still newer (and faster) than yours even though it’s a whopping 6 years old now. :P

    It IS darn good to finally be free of those car and piggyback HELOC payments though.

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