Suing (Documenting my very first lawsuit)

13 thoughts on “Suing (Documenting my very first lawsuit)”

  1. I guess some of your actions were justified, but you could have not proceeded with legal action in the first place, and just sent a little personal e-mail just asking him to stop, then putting forward a lawsuit if he didn’t listen.

  2. I assume suing someone who’s based in another country is quite complex. That probably justifies the $9.000 in legal expenses. Keep us posted on the outcome!

  3. You’re acting like an adult and he’s acting like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar.

    Suing (or threatening to sue) is the right thing to do if/when this guy stops being reasonable, which seems like it’s already happened.

  4. Read both sides of the story before commenting, people. I am not saying I know who is right and who is wrong. Just be unbiased.

  5. I agree, sounds like you couldn’t wait to get some money out of this. I am not a fan of lawsuits and this guy certainly didn’t hurt you guys in any way. I only wish more people learned of your litigious efforts.

    Also, I wouldn’t call this your first legal confrontation either since you file stuff with WIPO to acquire other websites often.

    It just seems like a case where the bully is picking on the weaker kid. Maybe the kid is a doufus who makes loud noises but certainly doesn’t deserve to get beaten up.

    1. Assuming things doesn’t help anyone. We didn’t make a penny from suing him. In fact, if you bothered to read up on the issue, you’d realize that we ended up paying a fair market value for the domain and he was quite happy with the outcome.

  6. What he did wasn’t cool, and I’m glad it’s getting all sorted out, but it leaves me with a question…

    What about the sites that the Cheezburger Network has ripped off? was around long before your “Engrish Funny”, Tacky Weddings proceeded “Wedinator”…I mean come on, I love the CN sites and all, but call a spade a spade. What site are you going to ripoff next? Passive Agressive Notes? I have a few great ideas for humor sites, but I’d never actually make them, because chances are, CN would make a copycat site, draw more people, and my site would fade into oblivion.

    1. Hi Tabitha,

      Bottom line is that no one “owns” these concepts. Not us, not them. I know Steve who runs and we both agreed that there was room for more than 1 engrish site. I had never heard of Tacky Weddings until now. The Internet’s a big place. There’s room for many sites and just because somethings similar has existed before doesn’t mean the next person is “copying” them. None of us are really first, and none of us will be last.


  7. Litigious:

    Also, I wouldn’t call this your first legal confrontation either since you file stuff with WIPO to acquire other websites often.

    He didn’t call it his first legal confrontation, he called it his first lawsuit. And filing at WIPO does not automatically imply any sort of grievance, anymore than filing at the USPO does. That’s like saying I have had legal confrontations because I filed my taxes, or bought a house.

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