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Follow up on why universal healthcare will benefit the startup ecosystem

I recently did an interview with the Dave Shorr Show where I expanded on why guaranteed healthcare coverage means a better environment for startups.

It's A Frap!

We start our journey with “It’s A Frap! We can’t repel the flavour of this magnitude!”:

its a frap!

Then we end up with:

Its A Map!


Its A Sharp!

Its A Vibraharp!

Its A Carp!

Don’t tell me I do nothing at work…

How to get tossed from a job application

Last night, I posted an ad for the Managing Editor of Cute position at the Cheezburger Network in the SF Craigslist:

The Cheezburger Network (bringers of I Can Has Cheezburger?, FAIL Blog, There I Fixed it and like 30 more) are looking for a superstar editor to manage their new cute-oriented blogs:

Are you a content professional? Have you managed editorial teams and freelance writers? Have you grown consumer-focused communities? Negotiated content exchange and traffic development deals on the Web? ARE YOU AWESOME?

More info and application is here: Apply at

The job DOES require relocation to Seattle.

I received several good candidates via our online job application management system. But I also received this webgem of a reply. While the email contained more professional information about this candidate, this was the very first line in the email:

From your ad copy, you sound like you have no money, and are goofy to work with…if you are (hopefully) a little more together than your copy would indicate, than maybe we should talk.

Let me count the wrongs…

1) No greeting. Hello. Hola, OHAI, or even YO! MTV RAPS would have been acceptable.
2) “you sound like you have no money” LOLWUT? Assuming makes an ass out of U. Not me. Maybe you’re saying that we’re poor as a compliment, but as a communicator you should know better than to lob ambiguous compliments.
3) “if you are (hopefully) a little more together” I assure you Mr. Jobseeking Professional Communicator, that this is potentially an explosive accusation. We are VERY much together and the use of a search engine would probably help. Also, RTFMing.
4) “than maybe we should talk”. Than? No Mr. Accomplished Communications Professional. The correct word to use in this case is “then” not “than”. Even, I, the runner of massibly misspellinged web network of kittens linguistics knows this.
5) You sent me an email. I provided a link to an online application site. As much as I enjoy a rule breaker now and “than”, but being a lazy jackass doesn’t win you any points.

Thanks for the consideration,
Ben Huh

Resumes. Here. Please.

The Cheezburger Network has 7 open positions:

  • 4 Moderators
  • Managing Editor of Cute
  • Sr. Developer
  • Automated Test Developer

Two of these positions can be applied for on-line: Moderator and Managing Editor. Both positions are based in Seattle.


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