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Loverly Things

One of the surprising things about this job is the random gifts people send us. From thank you notes to cakes and candy, we’ve gotten some amazing things from our fans and partners.

Today, we received the biggest gift we’ve ever gotten in the form of four American Apparel boxes from Dov and Ryan. Here’s the chaos that ensued after I opened one of the boxes and said “Hey! Free clothes!”

*Warning: Transgender apparel outfitting*

Thanks American Apparel!

Is this crowdsourcing?

Rob Walker, the guy behind Murketing, asks the question if the Sour video (after the jump) qualified as crowdsourced:

If the crowd’s job is basically to follow orders from well-funded visionary authorities… and kinda look all crowdy-like while doing so — then what, exactly, does crowdsourcing mean?

I love Rob’s question. I think most other people miss the big underlying reason why the video was so amazing and enjoyable to watch. There’s been a trend and pattern among viral videos that leverages “Obsessive Houdinism”. (I’m going to call it that.) “Obsessive Houdinism” is the theory that by using technology and a big helping of obsessive coordination, we can transform what appears to be an impossible feat into an entertaining event.

The Sour music video almost maximizes this theory by using amateurs and hence people’s awe of “amateur aesthetic”. I say almost because if the video had been performed by the users’ puppies and kittens, the Houdini act would have been more impressive.

That video is not crowdsourced. Just massively awesome.

Turning the question upside down also raises an interesting question. Consider Hollywood, where millions of struggling amateur writers are creating new shows and some get made, is that crowdsourcing? If not, what about American Idol?

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PC Hookup Clips

Now, you can watch them right here:

I'll be failing on MTV's It's on with Alexa Chung

I’m headed to NY to appear as a guest on It’s on with Alexa Chung (Tuesday at noon). I’m told that there will be stunts where I may fail. Dear Lord, what have I brought on myself?

Backstage at PC Hookup with Christian Lander

I'll be in LA. Let's do launch.

I’m on my way to LA to be the first guest on my friend Christian Lander’s show PC Hookup. Check it out live on Wednesday at 9:30 pacific at

Watch the promo video where Christian dresses up for the first time in his life:
Watch live video from PC Hookup on

And next Tuesday at noon eastern, I’ll be on MTV’s It’s On with Alexis Chung.

The most amazing video of the year

These people have the MAD skillz: Masashi Kawamura + Hal Kirkland + Magico Nakamura + Masayoshi Nakamura


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