Tulips are Internets too

My wife and I went photo-hunting at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival and found something quite surprising. Apparently, ninjas are everywhere, even in IRL. Here are your normal, beautiful, colorful varieties of tulips: Then came the Ninja variety. True to form, they could not be seen… (More on ninjas…)

That cat's just all up in my bidness

Thanks for all your emails, tweets and screen shots about me on the New York Times front page. (It was for this article on blogs to books.) The kitteh on mah shoulder is the Happy Cat plushy from Lolmart.com.

How do you do it?

At the Denver Wordcamp, I talked about the value of making decisions that matter by focusing only on the most valuable decisions. I believe that the role of the Chief Executive (regardless of the size of the company) is to tackle the HARD decisions, not chase the RIGHT ones. Simply, there’s no way to know … Continue reading How do you do it?