Implosion of the Internet is Imminent

Also, I have the coolest last name in the world. So what does that have to do with the implosion? Running ICHC leads to SXSW, which leads to Twitter, which leads to Digg homepage, which leads BACK to Twitter, which leads to Son of a Tweet, which is one of our network sites…

Ben's Tweets on 2009-03-04

Ben’s Tweets on 2009-03-03: The definition for LifeAlert is hilarious: # Don&#8.. # John Mayer likes @failblog: # Some douchebag is threatening us to try to steal our @lookslike account. # Your Mom (your mom) according to 140pedia… this is what I call CLEVER # RT @ekai: yes, is absolutely … Continue reading Ben's Tweets on 2009-03-04