Ben's Tweets on 2009-03-03

I favorited a lol ‘UNIMPRESSED’ # I favorited a lol ‘INVISIBLE CAR’ # I favorited a lol ‘Mafia kitteh makes you an offer you can’t understand’ # I favorited a lol ‘I am super-cat defender of… OOO what’s over there???’ # I’ll be in SF on Monday 2/23 if y’all wanna … Continue reading Ben's Tweets on 2009-03-03

Twitter Updates for 2009-02-16

Twitter Updates for 2009-02-15: I now have 8 Apple Airport Extremes in my car. EXTrEMe!!1! # Best bar/pub chain.. # how in the world did @ichcheezburger gain 40K followers in a few days? WOW! Thx 4 teh luv twitterverse! # performing self-lobotomy using only papercuts… # Powered by Twitter Tools.