joins the Cheezburger Network

I’m incredibly excited about bringing Twittypic into “Teh Netwurk”. Twittypic automagically figures out the most viral content (pictures, video, links, etc.) spreading through Twitter and lets you see the best of the bunch. Think of it as a Digg for Tweets. There’s no need to submit content, or vote. Just Tweet.

Bemmu Sepponen, the founder of the site, will continue to work on it with us. We’re expecting version 2.0 to be live in February. It will feature far faster processing of tweets, a better layout, more information about each viral content and — most importantly — much better representative coverage of all content passing through Twitter.

I can’t wait to show you it.

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  1. Ben – hai! Mah name is Jeff Bartsch, long-time enjoyer of ICHC. My team submitted a Super Bowl commercial to a contest sponsored by Doritos, and out of almost 2,000 entries, our spot “The Chase” is one of 5 national finalists! It stars Snowball the Cat, and she is adorable.

    If we get enough votes, Snowball the Cat will star in her very own Super Bowl commercial!! We need teh help of ICHC, Ceiling Cat, and all teh Lolcatters in teh Interwebs to vote!!

    Is there a way we could work together to promote ICHC and Snowball together? It could be great for all of us.

    Check out our official site – and a recent news article too:


    ps – I think Snowball may even know where teh bukkit is.


  2. This acquisition is full of win. Nicely done.

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