Monthly Archives: January 2009

1 down, 2 to go

Print is all but dead as a mass medium.

TV quality in the last 10 years hasn’t gotten any better. They’ve replaced 1 decent show with another, just staving off decline. Imagine how much the Web would be eating TV’s lunch had TV not moved to HD. TV rakes in the bucks because it’s hard for people to change habits and it’s easy to use. But habits will eventually chase desire and the Web only gets easier. It’s only a matter of a little time.

Radio. You’re up next. joins the Cheezburger Network

I’m incredibly excited about bringing Twittypic into “Teh Netwurk”. Twittypic automagically figures out the most viral content (pictures, video, links, etc.) spreading through Twitter and lets you see the best of the bunch. Think of it as a Digg for Tweets. There’s no need to submit content, or vote. Just Tweet.

Bemmu Sepponen, the founder of the site, will continue to work on it with us. We’re expecting version 2.0 to be live in February. It will feature far faster processing of tweets, a better layout, more information about each viral content and — most importantly — much better representative coverage of all content passing through Twitter.

I can’t wait to show you it.


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