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A little hypotheticalizing about the next generation

US Presidents up to 2008

An eye-opening thought. Since I was born, the US has been governed by the following presidents: Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton and Bush II. But effectively, in my childhood memories, it has been Reagan, Bush and Clinton. (Sorry Prez. Carter. I was just too young.) I can recall hearing “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall,” watched The first Gulf War, and experienced the wild prosperity of the Clinton years.

Fast forward to the future. “I have a dream…” Let’s say Obama wins re-election in 2012. Then Clinton (or *ahem* Palin) takes office in 2017.

<cloud9>Here’s what’s amazing. If you were born any time between 2000 and now, your entire experience and understanding of this nation’s leadership will be through the pictures and actions of a black/mixed-race man and a woman. Think about the fundamental change in perceptions of race, gender and leadership this new Dream Generation will bring to the world.</cloud9>

Poster by xadrian (Creative Commons)


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