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Seattle freaks out

So we had some snow stick to the ground here in Seattle and the whole town seems to have gone crazy. Like, end-of-the-world crazy. Streets are deserted, employees are calling in a snow day, people are staying in doors and stocking up on food. Um, in Chicago, we would have called this a flurry, not a snow storm. Understandably, people living on hills would have reason to be worried, but I’ve seen people dressed in arctic gear that I’ve never seen in Chicago — and it’s only 30 degrees, not 10. It’s not cold enough for me to wear gloves! Emily and I are having a good laugh about the hysteria surrounding this “snow storm”.

More crane accident photos


Photos from flickr.

The 4th floor unit where a person died.

Our garage entrance.

Originally uploaded by Ty!er.

Something out of alternate universe

So, um, Em and I are in New York. Nemo’s at doggie camp. And a crane crashed into our apartment. Not like a window washing crane, but like a full-on high-rise building crane. A person died in our apartment complex. Whoa.
Crane Accident

Read about it.

There are four buildings in our complex and we are in the building next to the one that was hit. Crazy. We’ll tell you more about it when we’re home to inspect the situation.

A new word

Dinglefairy, noun. A person who parks their car next to yours even
though there are plenty of closer spots. A take on dings and fairies.
Source: Fil Tsai

And then he rested…

Here’s to the end of my 19th consecutive day at work and 76th hour of work since Monday morning.


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