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Wedding Highlights

Our Wedding

Honeymoon Highlights

Black sand beach

Underwater photos


What's going on now?

Now that Em and I are married, we spend all our time… organizing. And donating. And tossing out stuff. I’m currently copying all our CDs onto our new iMac. It’s amazing how much crap two people can accumulate over several years. Once upon a time, I could fit all my belongings into a studio apartment. Now, we downsized a 3 bedroom townhome and an 800 square feet condo into a 1100 square feet 2 bedroom apartment with no garage. We’ve made more than two dozen trips to Salvation Army and still, there’s so much clutter and stuff we just don’t ever use, we could fill up another room. It makes you really wonder if you need that latest whizbang gizmo. We used to have three, count ’em three, VCRs, two Replay TVs, four printers, and four TVs. We’re down to 1 VCR and 2 TVs, but even that’s too many. We have a new rule now. If one come in, something’s gotta go.

Oh, and another thing. If you want to de-clutter your computer life, toss the PC and go Mac.

We're baaack!

It was a wonderful honeymoon and we’re sad to be back to reality. But at least we can relive them in all our hundreds of photos.


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