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Ain't dead, but pretty close

Between a hard week at work and being sick, I had some rough times. I need to keep remembering that work ain’t the world.

Sweet Home Chicago

Photos from the weekend:

Tour of Downtown Chicago Parks

The Accidental Red-eye

My second leg from Denver to KC is delayed by almost 2 hours. The departure screen says 10:55pm right now, which means barring yet more delays, I won’t get to my hotel before the better side of 2:30am. Whoever said “enjoy the journey, not the destination” was not a business traveler.

Afloat in Washington

About 45 people from my church in Seattle took a beautiful cruise around the Lakes Union and Washington tonight. For all you Questers, feel free to save these pictures and do whatever you’d like.

A cruise with Quest

PS. I apologize about the blurry group photos. I’ll get better next time. I promise.

Visiting the family

Emily and I went to Sacramento to visit my parents and grandparents for the weekend. We also drove down to the Ritz-Carlton at Half Moon Bay — a place we’re considering for our wedding.

Looking down at the ceremony site.

Spoiler Alert

With the advent of time-shifting, I am more and more at the mercy of spoilers. For example, I am recording the Monday Night Football game right now and as I walk through the airport, I can hear the TVs in bars playing the game and people talking about it. I had to almost plug my ears to not let the spoiler leak in. Of course, I know that I need to watch the game since Jeff Henderson already sent me an email about. Thanks for not spoiling it Jeff and I know not to watch the screens in the terminals. Oh, what a connected world.


I’ve been watching all the Katrina news unfold. Having lived in New Orleans, I know first-hand about the levees and the locals’ fear of hurricanes. I can’t imagine the suffering.

What angers me is the talk of some people who say that Katrina is God’s punishment for abortion and gays. How ridiculous is that? Let me tell you what Katrina is about. It’s our comeuppance for destroying the delicate balance of nature God created for us. It’s the result of pumping greenhouse gases into the sky, and how we’ve destroyed the wetlands God gave us to protect us from nature’s uncertainties.

The people who suffered in New Orleans are the poor, the uneducated, and the ill. These hypocrites who spew hate don’t understand the inequality and poverty in New Orleans. How dare these people claim to know God’s wrath. There is no one without sin among us. When other Christians show such hatred for those they don’t know, it pains me greatly. We are so flawed.

Bumbershoot 2005

I went with Bumbershoot, a huge Seattle annual art and music festival, on Monday. Julie, Chhay and I had a great time at the epitomie of the Seattle art scene.

The stadium

Around Olympus

I am 28.2 miles away from completing a 12-hour journey circling the Olympic Peninsula. I have been meaning to go to the Pacific and now that I have, and driven along the coast for quite a while, I am glad that I did. It’s too bad that Emily and Nemo couldn’t be here. Emily would have enjoyed the amazing scenic beauty and Nemo would have loved running free on the secluded beaches. Me? I enjoyed the drive.

Being in so much natural beauty, I really should get back into photography. A digital SLR would have really added to the joy today. My little camera/camcorder is nice, and produces some shots that surprise me, but the lack of control and poor focusing drives me nuts. I spent a lot of time in college shooting for my school paper and I enjoyed it. Can a man have too many hobbies?

Photo Update:

Driving Around the Olympic Peninsula

The End of Earth

I have reached the end of the earth and dipped my toes in the Pacific.


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