The Accidental Red-eye

My second leg from Denver to KC is delayed by almost 2 hours. The departure screen says 10:55pm right now, which means barring yet more delays, I won’t get to my hotel before the better side of 2:30am. Whoever said “enjoy the journey, not the destination” was not a business traveler.

Afloat in Washington

About 45 people from my church in Seattle took a beautiful cruise around the Lakes Union and Washington tonight. For all you Questers, feel free to save these pictures and do whatever you’d like. PS. I apologize about the blurry group photos. I’ll get better next time. I promise.

Visiting the family

Emily and I went to Sacramento to visit my parents and grandparents for the weekend. We also drove down to the Ritz-Carlton at Half Moon Bay — a place we’re considering for our wedding.

Spoiler Alert

With the advent of time-shifting, I am more and more at the mercy of spoilers. For example, I am recording the Monday Night Football game right now and as I walk through the airport, I can hear the TVs in bars playing the game and people talking about it. I had to almost plug my … Continue reading Spoiler Alert


I’ve been watching all the Katrina news unfold. Having lived in New Orleans, I know first-hand about the levees and the locals’ fear of hurricanes. I can’t imagine the suffering. What angers me is the talk of some people who say that Katrina is God’s punishment for abortion and gays. How ridiculous is that? Let … Continue reading Blasphemy