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Silver Lining

Oooooh. I just got upgraded to a new Subaru Legacy (non-GT model). It’s going to be a fun 3 days.


I’m on the Hertz bus to pick up my rental car at 12:30am KC time. Every time I get on the Hertz bus, they ask me “Goldmember, sir?” I always try not to crack up when they ask me that since all I can think about is Austin Powers. I want to be a #1 Club Gold member so I can tell the bus driver “Yes.”

Late, again

Ugh, Southwest is late again. It’ll be 2am before I’m in bed.

Alki Beach

Seattle summers are amazing. Cool ocean breeze, cloudless sky, 75-degrees all the time. After hitting the Bite of Seattle (a different version of the Taste of Chicago — one that allows pets), my friend Gene and I hit Alki Beach, a popular summer weekend neighborhood in West Seattle, on our bikes.

Am I in South Beach?


I’ve always had an affinity towards mushrooms. Not sure why. On my way to the airport, I stopped by an Italian restaurant called Bravo and they have a cream of morell soup. If I have a favorite mushroom, it’d be the rare and expensive morell.

Dining out alone

Some things are just social events. Watching a movie in a theatre, bowling and eating at a restaurant to name a few. If I do any of these things alone, I become acutely aware of all those around me who are not doing it alone. I’d eat at home if I were home, but I am not. And I am also not a fan of room service food. Unless you’re staying at a hotel with a very good restaurant, it’s just an overpriced diner.

So, here I am, at the Hereford Steakhouse in Leawood, Kansas, eating alone. It’s good steak, this Midwestern beef. I just wish I had some company.

A sunny outlook

Just when the sun comes out in Seattle and it’s 75 degrees outside, I’m going to sweltering Kansas City. The only thing I can hope for is a nice rental car.

Late but not Never

Here are some pictures from my visit to Chicago over the Fourth.

What's this?

From here

When do you become from somewhere? When people ask me where I’m from, I have to think about the answer I have to give. Am I from Korea? A place that I feel a deep connection to, but a place that might as well be foreign to me. Do I say that I am from Sacramento? I did live there but it didn’t really add much to who I am. Do I say Chicago? A place where I have spent my entire adult life? But I am more than the sum of my experiences there. I usually tell them that I am from all over the place, but I have just moved to Seattle from Chicago.
So when will I tell someone that I am a Seattleite?


I took a 7am flight from Chicago for 4 and a half hours to Seattle, and I can make it to work by 10am. If the bus gets here on time, this looks like a promising commute.


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