One more day

8:30am. Ugh, we’re so tired. We got a full night’s sleep, but we both feel pretty exhausted. It’s amazing how tiring driving can get. There were some hold-your-breath moments while coming down the west side of the Rockies in the pitch dark. Idaho doesn’t have the best lit roads. We were very glad to see Spokane. BTW, it’s pronounced spock-ANNE.

The good news is, there’s probably only 6 more hours of driving left. The bad news is, we still have to unload everything. Fil’s been a wonderful sport for going along with my grueling schedule.

We plan on seperating the TT from the mothership near, but somewhere well outside, Seattle. Hopefully, there will be a Home Depot and we’ll be able to buy supplies to build a ramp off the trailer if needed while being able to use a big parking lot. Then, we’ll drop off the trailer and head over to the storage place and unload just before they close. It’s going to be a tight schedule. We’ll see how the timing works.

Posted on May 29, 2005, in Business. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. I believe it’s Spoke-anne, or Sp?-kan

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