All moved in

Quite cozy here in my new swanky 441 sq. ft. studio apartment. It’s about the size of my former kitchen and livingroom combined. It also comes with a killer view of an office building wall and a parking space with 3 inches to spare on both sides of my car. At least no one will … Continue reading All moved in

On my own

I just dropped off Fil at the airport. It’s just me now. Exciting and sad at the same time.

Not quite done

So we got to the apartment at 4pm and they are closed. Closed as in no one in the office and no way for me to move in. That also means no moving in tomorrow. I am royally pissed. Stay tuned.

Home Sweet Home

We have just arrived in Bellevue. First stop: Home Depot to get some hardware to ease the unloading of the TT.


We just passed Yakima, WA, which marks 2000 miles driven. Just about an hour left to go!

One more day

8:30am. Ugh, we’re so tired. We got a full night’s sleep, but we both feel pretty exhausted. It’s amazing how tiring driving can get. There were some hold-your-breath moments while coming down the west side of the Rockies in the pitch dark. Idaho doesn’t have the best lit roads. We were very glad to see … Continue reading One more day