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Why is this the top news story?

Bride gets cold feet, runs out of cash and calls home, then lies about it to the police, and blames a made-up Hispanic man in the process. Uh, isn’t there anything more important to the U.S. than a dumb, rich, racist, suburbanite run-away? Why is this the leading news item on CNN and MSNBC?

Koreans love orange

Check out this sports car from a boutique Korean car company. I’ve seen it in GT4, but this is pretty nice.

Proto Motors' Spirra

Fob? Where?

I got in to one of those new high-techy Cadillac today at the GM test drive that does not require a key in the ignition to start the car. A nice comfy car with a little glowing green start button that was inviting me to press it. So I pressed it and waited. Nothing happened… until I noticed a little message on the dashboard: “NO FOB IN CAR.” How ironic.

Back from the AutoShow

Yeah, this is not THE autoshow. This was GM’s marketing event where we got to drive a whole lotta cars. My 2 cents? GM’s in trouble.

Also, I have a hard time imagining that the Madden video footage is actual game footage. Wow.

Check out them screenz!

These images of Madden NFL whatever are based on the specs of the next generation Xbox. Oh wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.

I can't wait for 2006

NFL coverage will only get better with flexible Sunday night schedules for the last 7 weeks when it moves to NBC. Tuesday Morning Quarterback will be very very happy. I’m not sure how I feel about MNF going to ESPN, but they’ve been showing some interesting technologies so I feel hopeful.

Yeah, I'm handy like that

I just built a cheap Gran Turismo driving simulator. Details on Chicago Car News.

GT4 Driving Desk

That’s Fil on the simulator.

Back from NY

And I have pictures to prove it!

Here’s a funny picture of Emily and me.

Garage Envy?

I’ve been working on putting an epoxy floor on my garage. I’m not sure it’s worth it right now, but I’ll let you know when the ordeal is over.

Going, going, sold!

Ping Ping was sold Saturday. Just like that, she’s gone. Good luck to you Ping Ping, you were good to us. We’ll miss you.
Also, I bring you the sample of my mad skillz in engine cleaning and car detailing.
Dirty Engine Bay (Before the Toothbrush)
During the detailing
Clean Engine Bay (After the Toothbrush)
Yes, you are looking at the same area. It’s amazing how good it feels to clean.


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