Squirrel Nut Killers

I thought they were supposed to be hibernating or something. But since they are hanging around on my balcony, they are clearly not. Last fall, I let them build a nest on the balcony against Nemo’s wishes — he clearly wanted a meal. Then I found out they chewed through my grill cover. So when … Continue reading Squirrel Nut Killers


I just came back from the last hurrah for me at InstallShield. Three years is a short time, but a good one when you are able to work with people you like and make a difference. I will miss the people who made InstallShield as great as it was.

Scraping off the rust

I haven’t touched HTML in more than a year. This redesign certainly helped, and I think I’m getting in better shape to take on some more work.

Videoblogging test (WMV only) Nemo in Costume

Press play and let me know what you think. The idea behind this redesign is to integrate video, photos, text and other media into the linear blog. I hope to add categories later. Update: It seems that FireFox is not obeying the no-autostart value. Sorry if this starts automatically on you.

Clearing up the air

Let me give you the facts on why I don’t work for Macrovision anymore — no I didn’t steal office supplies. (FYI, InstallShield was acquired by Macrovision in July of 2004.) A few months ago, I got into a little disagreement with the management and I asked to be let go. So they granted me … Continue reading Clearing up the air