Flu Season

It’s beautiful outside in San Francisco and where am I? In my hotel room, with the flu. It sucks to get sick, it sucks even more to get sick while traveling.

Too Quiet

I’m going out of town tomorrow so Emily came up and took Nemo. It’s so quiet in this house. Everything’s a hum or a buzz but no organic sounds. No random noises. No distractions. Weird.


I predirected a Falcons win in the Superbowl against the Steelers. I am eating humble pie right now.


That took a long time, but I’ve moved all my photos to a new Flickr Pro account here.

Movable Blog

I’m seriously contemplating a move to MovableType. Luke Seemann uses it to great effect and efficiency on his site and I need to make a a wholesale change to this site in order to better support photos (probably flickr) and more. Perhaps when I go on vacation in Feb, I can spend the time in … Continue reading Movable Blog

Twisted Halo

Well, I must admit, I was surprised by the little twist in Halo 2. Time to get the multiplayer on.