Monthly Archives: November 2004


It happened Saturday, just past midnight while I stopped for a bicyclist who darted out into an intersection (Illinois and State). I got rear-ended and was pushed 6′ into the intersection by an uninsured, unlicensed moron driving a ’97 Chevy blazer who claimed that the accident was my fault for stopping.

I got out immediately to inspect the damange and the driver of the Blazer wouldn’t get out. He had his hands on the steering wheel like he was ready to take off until I picked up his license plate off the ground and showed it to him. Thank God there was an off-duty cop who came out from the bar nearby and took over the scene. The cops impounded his car. I’m suprised they didn’t toss him in jail.

Bumper’s got a hole, exhausts are bent, gas cap is bent, car’s all scratched up, the trunk’s bent in, the doors are misaligned, the car is misaligned and even my back’s out of alignment. Emily has a headache and back pains from the accident. God knows what else. Suprisingly, you should have seen the near-totalled Chevy, leaking oil with the engine compartment all bashed in. Buy German.

If I don’t sound angry, well, I am. I am in an outrage. Not because the accident happened, but because this $#*@#$! was blaming me for saving the bicylist’s life and he doesn’t even have insurance or a license. And now I’m going to pay several hundred dollars to be covered under my insurance’s uninsured motorist coverage.

The photos don’t show it, but the car is smaller now, by a few inches.


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