Best football-related quote of the week

“Hey, I’m a running back,” Stecker said. “It’s not like they pulled me out of the front office and said ‘Deuce is out, do you know how to play some running back?’” Stecker replaced D-Mac for 100+ yards and a TD on 18 carries.

I'll be back

Let’s put this server problem behind… however, I have yet to finish changing the db pointers and are still missing some files. My apologies.

I'm so sick and tired of the crazies in charge

This is a red-state item. A sad, sad state of this country. Also, because we’re in the US, we don’t see and hear things like this: The BBC has a tape of a U.S. helicopter gunship killing an Arab journalist. Winning the hearts and minds… let’s stop killing the civilians first.

The very best first game

I watch Tom Brady just rip the Colts to shreads yesterday. He threaded the pass right into a receiver’s hands in between two, sometimes three defenders. He is the most underrated QB in the NFL.

Laborless Days

I’m back from spending 4 days in NY with some old Northwestern buddies and some new ones. I love that town. Pics and videos to follow…

Dumb and Dumberer

Not sure what’s worse, that Florida State negotated this “deal” or their student paper actually reported it as news. Next week, FSU will ink a deal with God to allow their students to breathe air, as a feedback states.