Monthly Archives: August 2004

NYC to become Gitmo for the next few days.

You can now get arrested for chalking a city sidewalk. Wait. I take that back. You can get arrested by the NYPD for no apparent reason and be held without a charge.

Want to know why I support Kerry versus Bush?

Here are a few reasons.

I pitty the geek!

When worlds collide – August Edition: Mr.T discovers CompUSA. Interesting note. The maker of this creation states that Today’s PC is 400 times faster compared to ENIAC (the first computer). Huh? What’s he using? ENIAC 2?

Swift this!

If the election was purely about miliary records, this would be King Arthur versus Judas.Let me summarize this Slate column: “All you really need to know is that Kerry volunteered to fight in Vietnam and then returned home to fight for his country to do the right thing by its veterans and stop asking them to die for an impossible cause. Bush, on the other hand, supported the war, but used his daddy’s influence to stay out of the war, specifically requested not to be sent to Vietnam, and then wasted the government’s million dollar investment in his training by failing to show up for training and forfeiting his right to fly the planes in the unlikely event he would ever be asked to. (Lucky for Bush, Nixon didn’t abuse the National Guard the way he and Cheney are.)”

I'll take one to go please.

A company is trying to build a box that will let you broadcast a video signal to any wireless device. Basically, your own broadcast station. For $200, I’ll pick one up at the end of the year. Plus 8% tax. Which would make the total cost like… $315.19 or something (I made up that number).

Nope, never.

I’ve never had the urge to run a marathon, at least not seriously. This story proves my point. There are other things I could be doing… like writing something witty for my blog.

About to be blacklisted

Comcast has been royally screwing up for the last couple of months. My Internet connection was out for 5 days (Lost support request, no phone calls to follow up, administrative errors), they’ve been billing me for services I’ve never signed up for or used, and they didn’t issue credits they were supposed to. Comcast is one screw-up from being blacklisted right next to Sprint and GM.

Another sign that the end is nigh

Hear your parole officer’s voice through a teddy bear. With matching lip movement to boot for $50.

Look! It's the Stickmobile!

Actually, it’s the new Batmobile, being filmed driving (Quicktime) the streets of Chicago. Except it looks like a modern art piece with tractor tires. What, they couldn’t afford sheetmetal?


I just watched XXX. Someone should have warned me about how bad this movie was. Why didn’t anyone tell me? You people call yourself my friends.


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