Preventative Medicine

I’ve been getting a lot of fraudulent spam lately, with people posing as eBay, Citibank, USBank, etc. It’s pretty obvious to me that these are frauds, but I guess they work, so that’s why people keep sending them out. So I had an idea: Someone should send out fraudulent spam, but links should take the … Continue reading Preventative Medicine

Driving Liberties

Red light cameras have been a staple of traffic law enforcement in other states, but it’s relatively new to Chicago. Here’s a growing list of locations (link fixed) — for those us of who like our roads lawless like third-world countries. Honk! Honk!

Show me my money!

I’ve been on hold for the past hour because someone has taken down the Microsoft Money password server, so i’ve been unable to access my financial information. It’s scary to think that such a simple thing as a downed server (which happens often) can cause so much pain. I’m going to have to find alternative … Continue reading Show me my money!

Madden or ESPN?

Tough call this year. Wonder if Madden will drop prices as well? I’m leaning towards switching to ESPN 2K5 — but the lack of animated replays in the halftime show are holding me back.

Back in town

It’s been a long, long week and I’m happy to be back at home after some traveling. If I want something for Christmas, it’s free WiFi at all the airports.