Monthly Archives: July 2004

I don't need your dirty corporate-greed money

I just applied to work for free for Gizmodo. They’re working on a car blog. How perfect is that for me? I worked at, I shoot my own photos, I have a journalism degree and I’ve been blogging for more than 3 years. My parents were so worried that having a journalism degree wouldn’t pay enough. Ha! In their face! They were… right.

Preventative Medicine

I’ve been getting a lot of fraudulent spam lately, with people posing as eBay, Citibank, USBank, etc. It’s pretty obvious to me that these are frauds, but I guess they work, so that’s why people keep sending them out.

So I had an idea: Someone should send out fraudulent spam, but links should take the user to an educational page that shows how to spot a legit versus fake emails from companies.

Driving Liberties

Red light cameras have been a staple of traffic law enforcement in other states, but it’s relatively new to Chicago. Here’s a growing list of locations (link fixed) — for those us of who like our roads lawless like third-world countries. Honk! Honk!

Show me my money!

I’ve been on hold for the past hour because someone has taken down the Microsoft Money password server, so i’ve been unable to access my financial information. It’s scary to think that such a simple thing as a downed server (which happens often) can cause so much pain. I’m going to have to find alternative service providers for some redundancy.

Madden or ESPN?

Tough call this year. Wonder if Madden will drop prices as well? I’m leaning towards switching to ESPN 2K5 — but the lack of animated replays in the halftime show are holding me back.

Back in town

It’s been a long, long week and I’m happy to be back at home after some traveling. If I want something for Christmas, it’s free WiFi at all the airports.

Totally late, but before never

Here are the photos from James and Angela’s wedding.

A dog's life

Nemo, Emily and I went to the beach to celebrate his 7th birthday. Here is the movie of him trying to overcome his fear of water. Mpeg-4 movie (28MB) By the end of the outing, he refused to leave, although he was shaking from the cold. (Quicktime or Windows Media)

Caving into pressure

I don’t support the US policy regarding Iraq or the war on terror. But what’s worse is the fact the Filipino government is accepting the terrorists’ demand of withdrawing early from Iraq. If you teach these hatemongers that they can influence world policy through brutal murder, the world has become a worse place. When you’re fighting for lives, you’ve got to stand firm. Yes, it’s tragic to lose someone at the hands of terrorists, but the Filipinos have shown that brutality can win. They have just given the go-ahead to many more murders of innocents.


Stupid me forgot to renew my domain name, so the site’s been down for several days. I’m glad to say that your favorite benhuh!com has returned. That also means the emails you’ve been sending me have bounced, but it’s okay now. Spam me again.


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