Monthly Archives: June 2004

When Apes Fight Back

Next time you taunt a monkey, watch out. And it’s happening right here in Chicago.

How lazy can you get?

I can understand hibernating in cold climates, but this lemur is just plain lazy.

Warning: This link may cause discomfort in the head

This article on the V10 engine of the new BMW M5 rules! Or so people who understand it tell me. It takes me back to the astrophysics class I flunked in college.

Don't Label Me

The BBC, the lost tape and the 6-foot fridge | The Register. Courtesy of Tyler Robinson.

Bought and Paid For

I came back from vacation last night to find this little piece of news: Macrovision to buy InstallShield.

Mailer Hater

So I just got a fresh shipment of 3 Gmail invites. One’s gone to Eddie Wu and the other two are currently unclaimed. I could sell them on eBay and get cold hard cash, but I suppose at least one of you souls are choking in 6MB hell courtesy of Hotmail or Yahoo. Lemme know.

Feast your dollars on this!

Some cool products are available here for a hip dad: SUCK UK. Just don’t say where you got it.

Don't be a George W.

You can tour the Chicago lakefront on a Segway. Or, be the tourist attraction on the lakefront.

Nothing in life is free, unless it's Wi-Fi

Panera has free Wi-Fi access at select locations. Yup, forget going to Starbucks and shelling out money. Just remember to thank benhuh!com everytime you freeload.


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