Monthly Archives: May 2004

I'm gonna play Dodgeball

“Tell us where you are, and we’ll broadcast your location to all your friends and let you know if any friends-of-friends are within 10 blocks.”

Swanky. I am that much more stalkable now.


If the truce holds, New Jersey gangs have shown more common sense than Israel and Palestine.

Where in the World are You At?

Finally, someone wrote a decent app. for mapping.

A little late to the game

But I have found a decent Chicago blog.

Oh Mighty Rain

Lightning previews a darkened sky

Thunder shudders earth under foot

Newborn rivers wipe the roads goodbye

Life cowers before all else is moot

As upturned seas paint my view clear

Humbled streetlamps flicker brightly

Proud chimneys pain against the air

Rain’s passage leaves no guarantee

When an Asteroid Comes Crashing Down, Call Pac Man!

Look what I came across: A 1996 report on how the US Air Force could defend against an asteroid impact. Okay, that’s kinda funny/werid enough, but check this out: in chapter 3, “Planetary Defense System”, diagram 3-5a depicts Pac Man acting as the asteroid-eating solution. It’s so redic, I have to state a disclaimer that I am not making this up. Dude, I’m so glad we’re not in 1996 anymore.

Snaps for Honda

I just took apart (and re-assembled) Emily’s 2002 Honda Civic center console. I consider both my car and her car to be well-designed and well-built machines, but the approach taken by Audi versus Honda is startlingly different but equally effective. Both cars are about the same size, but mine is brimming with screws and padding and more screws requiring contortionist movements to remove. Her car is snapped together like some super-sized Lego puzzle. It could just be because the Civic cost 2/3 less, but I saw many similarities in my old Acura CL and her car. My car may have soul that is lacking in most Japanese cars, but the Civic has an air of freedom about her.

Obsessive? Yes.

Being a homeowner and my inability to leave good enough alone is causing me some serious lost time in productivity. I keep thinking about how to change the layout of the furniture, or how to reuse certain materials in the house. This, on top of some crazy urge to climb into my attic and poke around. As long as I don’t start spending real money, it’s all good.

New Dream Job

I no longer wish to be an NFL wide receiver as my dream job. I just want to be an Italian traffic cop.

It's hard to contain the rage…

When your inbox gets 750 pieces of spam in one day. But what makes me angrier is that these scum bags can afford to be in business because even bigger idiots buy from them. I remember in sociology class that most crime is committed by a small fraction of the people — repeat offenders. Perhaps we should begin to punish those who buy from spammers too.


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