Monthly Archives: March 2004

I'm baaack!

Cable modem is up and running and we’re all connected. I wish I could say that for my cable. Looks like satelite for me.

I'm a Survivor

I have made it through Day One of the Sports Car Club of America training without injury or property destruction. Tomorrow, we’ll see if I make it alive through the rain.


The house is mine. I have the keys and the debt to prove it. It’s just so bizarre.

Take This to Court

I hereby declare Rhea County in Tennessee the most ignorant county in America.

Fact: People who eat meat can't call themselves vegetarians.

This is the dumbest news story I’ve read in a long time. Let me put it to you this way, if you eat less meat and you eat more veggies, that does not make you a vegetarian. If you eat chicken or fish, you are not a vegetarian. Even if you eat meat “occasionally” you are not a vegetarian. It makes you an omnivore — like the rest of us — so the term flextarian is almost meaning less. I eat “veggie” patties once in a while, does that make me a flextarian? Idiots.

Last gasp

When the Chicago winter comes around in November, the cool breeze is a refreshing break from the swelter of summer. In December, the holidays keep you warm. In January, it’s new year’s minty cool. In February, dreaming of spring keeps you company. But when it’s March 16th and I’m standing out side scraping snow and ice off my car because of a fresh snowfall, I get pissed off and my weary patience has long been used. April better be freakin’ sun shiny happy.

I am so smart. S-P-A-M. I am so smart. S-P-A-M.

Instead of making email cost something, the government should levy a graduated tax on email servers based on emails sent per user. They can use those proceeds to provide free penile enlargement services and erectile-dysfuction pills. It’s a double whammy for spammers! Not only does it cost more to send spam, but it also takes out the need to advertise such services while providing citizens the services they (apparently) desire.

Balls is launching myESPN and it’s not your traditional personalized site. These folks are innovate, willing to take risks (IE: ESPN Motion) and they know how to execute. They got balls.

High-flying reality TV

Airline is a pretty good show. It’s amazing what people do to airline staff — let alone to themselves on camera.


Clearly, an ill-conceived suggestion from Microsoft: pay for sending email. Is Bill Gates starting to sound out of touch with reality?


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