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Bleeding Heart Liberal?

I’m listening to lots of arguments about gay marriage and it seems to incite so much reaction. But I am not exactly sure which side of the fence I fall on. As a Christian, the ministers and religious leaders have clearly picked a side. But as a person, as a person who worships God, I am not entirely certain that the religious leaders are right on this one. It’s an interesting battle in my mind as it is out in the world. I can’t shake the feeling that some Christians have wrongfully designated homosexuality as a sin worse than any other. I also can’t understand what harm gay marriages will do to the institution of marriage — if any. Half of all marriages end in divorce. People marry for green cards. Couples talk about having “starter marriages”. Why are we stopping two people who care so much for each other that they have waited decades for this chance?

The true blank page

I am thinking about one of the worst kept secret questions: “If I had no one but myself — no things, no payments, no dog, no people — except for what is in my head, what would I do?” Would I seek to be an architect like I have dreamed of? Where would I live? Would I join the French Foreign Legion?

Can you find yourself alone? Absolutely alone? These are the questions that drive men drunk at the alter of possibilities because the greatest repression is a dream withheld. I’m not certain that we have the right to want a life with no attachments. Not many people pick up and leave their lives — and those who do leave behind a devastating wake only to dig themselves the same hole in a different location. But what if it wasn’t your fault? If you were offered a chance to have everything but your life taken from you — the absolution of all responsibilities — would you take the excuse?

Mom, dad, look!

The new place.

Word of the Week

Officle: Noun.

A larger-than-average cubicle given to people who really really want an office.


And I got the bid on the house.

A Castle for the benhuh!com

I just put in my first offer on a (town)house. Wish me luck.

Autoshow Redux

For those of you who missed the Chicago Autoshow — Like Curtis. Here are the highlights.

Someone steal this idea!

First, there was Trading Spaces, then a whole lotta spin offs. Now, I want to see “Stealing Rides” where people kidnap their friend’s car for a modding session over a weekend. Now that’s entertainment!

I thought I was going to make it through the Winter

The scratchy throat, dry mouth, funny feeling at the back of the nose. Will it be the flu or just a cold?

Slap me silly and call me Shelby

IMHO, the Shelby Cobra concept was the star of the Chicago Autoshow. If the concept is anything like the real thing I have a new dream to aspire to — and it might just be an american car. Also, that would mean that I’ll have to save a lot of money. A lot.


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