Monthly Archives: January 2004


I just love this new site based on Halo. (Thanks to Casey Ryan) I think this is clearly Dan Voelker humor.

The Far Side

Undoubtedly, the Martian children have already broken their new toy.


I have not fallen off the edge of this planet. (There are no edges, you nimrod!) I am just eyebrow deep in a project — I am at the office right now. I shall return shortly. Also, it’s going to be a challenge to pull off the Texas Hold’em Tourney on the 24th if we don’t meet the deadline.

Can it get any better?

Double OT? Last-second comebacks? No punt offenses? I love the playoffs.

I'm recalling the Enron Electorate in 2004

Can you remember why the majority of you didn’t vote for him in the first place? has some really funny ads about the upcoming election and Bush’s records as the Chief Strategerigist.

People like this are why we should stop the lottery

The lottery makes poor people do retarded things with the few dollars and time they have. Like this woman who claimed that she lost the winning ticket. Someone should smack this woman so hard (figuratively) that she permantly forgets where the lottery ticket machines are located.

Zip it good.

Ever wonder how zip codes are laid out? Try the zip decoder. (Link courtesy of Ryan A.)

What's wrong with the BCS?

Nothing. So what if we can’t guarantee that there will be one true football champion in college? We forget that these are students and we have a responsibility to assure that they get the education they need. It’s not about having playoffs so that all of us on American’s couches can enjoy another four hours of football and satisfy commercial interests. If you want playoffs or one champion, check with the NFL. They put on a good show.


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