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This page no longer has any tables in it. That’s right Webmonkeys! is now using Web-standard techniques. That means if you don’t want to see this layout, you don’t have to. And text-browsers will have a fantastic site to read! Of course, no one will really do that, but it was an exercise in learning something new. So I did it.

Poetic Football

I couldn’t have written it better. NE pounds Buffalo 31-0 with clutch last second INT to get home field advantage throught the playoffs. If you recall, NE was shut out 31-0 at Buffalo in the first game of the season. That was the most entertaining blowout I’ve ever seen.

Under CSS

Merry Christmas. Please excuse the mess as I retool the site.

End of HTML as you know it.

HTML sucks. And we’ve known it for years. Finally, I am going to do something about it. My goal is to redo this site using mostly CSS over the holidays. You just can’t take the geek out of the nerd.

The people strike back.

Read about this important issue on giftgiving.

That's Cordova — whatever that means.

I think my site got tagged (twice) by someone who went to high school with me.

Hell can't be that warm right now.

It’s so cold. So, so, so cooooooold. I got in my car today to go home and it was 15 degrees. I want to click my heels and be back in California. Let’s go Nemo. Brr.

Rosa Parks (TM)?

Rosa Parks is suing Outkast. She’s suing for this line from the 1998 song Rosa Parks “Ah-ha, hush that fuss. Everybody move to the back of the bus.” Does this 90-year-old really really want to sue a group who is merely exercising their First Amendment rights which she helped allow? Or are people making money off of a fragile icon of freedom and equality?

That would be 50-cents for entering McDonald's

So I bought some new nuggets at McD’s today and I asked for ranch sauce (yeah, I am from California) and the guy at the drive-thru window said that’d be 25-cents. Whaaaa? At Wendy’s they say “Sir! Yes, sir!” It’s not like I asked them for a bucket of sauce. I asked for ranch in lieu of the McNugget sauces. C’mon now. They got all cheap after installing wireless networks?

BTW, what’s with the obsession with white meat? Can’t a brotha get some dark mizzatch in the hizzo McNiggats. I like the taste of dark (chicken) meat. Is that just me?

I am a former college graduate

Why do TV sportscasters constantly make routine logical mistakes like calling a play a double reverse when it’s just a reverse? I absolutely hate it when they refer to players who were drafted in the first round as “former first-round draft picks.” Ahem, unless they are re-drafted, they will always be first-round draft picks. That status never changes. Someone please, correct these people! Okay, I admit I may be just bitter because my Niners are no longer in the playoff hunt.


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