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My first audio blog. Make sure your sound is on!

My No Money Down, Penis Enlarging, Thanksgiving Gift to You

Hate spam? Many of those spammers “harvest” your email address from your site, or any Web page where your email is listed. Some people write their emails like this “myname at blah dot com.” Well, there is a better (more nerdy) way:

The Hiveware Enkoder Form. It allows you to encrypt your email address — preventing spam harvesters — but lets humans see and click on it. Cooooool.

And I wrote game over in my notebook…

Down 13 points in the 4th, the Dolphins try to get into the endzone from the 1. Second down, Ricky up the middle for no gain. Third down, The Dreadlocked One up the middle for no gain. Ricky is averaging 6+ yards in the second half, I think he can figure out how to get in now. 4th down, Ricky up the middle again, but this time, a touchdown! I write game over for the Redskins in the book and the Dolphins mount a 4th quarter comeback under Jay “Only Knows How To Win Games” Fiedler to win by 1. Dave W. showed who had the manly parts in that game.

Help! I've been meeting and I can't get out!

I’ve been in some all-day meetings over the week and haven’t had much time to do anything else. Although, I am glad to say that I am happy to work with genuinely passionate people.

Danielle Steel ain't got nothin' on football

Do you know the story between Parcells and Belichick? Parcells takes great pains to groom his long-time assistant Belichick in NY (Jets) as his successor, and the day after Belichick gets the head coach job, he takes off to become the man for Parcells’ former boss/arch nemesis. To put acid in the wound, Belichick also gets all the power Parcells was denied as the head coach of the Pats — then wins the Superbowl the next year. Whoa. Someone write a book on this.

Seek and you shall find…

Feeling a bit empty in that football corner of your brain? TMQ is back! Albeit temporarily. But satiate your hunger here and feast at the den of idiosyncratically-named sport logic.

The States of the Union

I was talking to Dan Voelker after the regular football game and I just wanted to make a log of all the 30 states I have lived, or visited.

Lived in:

Illinois (8+ years), California (3 years), Oregon (3 months), Louisiana (3 months), Florida (3 months)


Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Nevada, Washington, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New York, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming


Colorado, Texas

There's a reason why I park in Alaska

I can’t believe this woman panicked while backing into her spot. At what point do you say: “No license for you!”

The Same Revolution will be Televised

Just saw the last Matrix. If you don’t want to hear even just a little about it, close your eyes or take them somewhere else. The story was revolutionary 2,000 years ago. I’m glad to see that Hollywood still pays attention.

Four seasons and eight injuries ago…

A bunch of out-of-shape college grads started playing football at Golf and Harms Roads in Skokie. Finally, I give you the GHFL Messageboard.


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