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Cruel and unusual communication

Bloody good fun. “Happy Howl-a-ween,” says Nemo.

Drew Breese always loses the game of hot potato

Get rid of the ball Drew. If you’re getting sacked that many times, take the hint, you’re holding it too long.

Don't like the food? Blame the waiter.

Bush is pointing fingers at the media because he’s beginning to see his policies fail. Whinning will do you no good. It’s the economy, stupid.

I hereby invent the verb "Al Gore"

I am participating in 4 fantasy football leagues this year and I am being Al Gored in 3 of them. I have the highest most points in 3 of 4 leagues, however I am in 5th place, 4th place and just one 1st place. Even in fantasy football, I am handed the fate of a democrat. I know how you feel now Al, I know. fires every white male to cleanse itself of the aura of Rush

Gregg Easterbrook, my favoritest columnist, was fired from He is the author of TMQ, the most authoritative football-related humor column of all time. His problem? Read this apology. And the problem didn’t even occur on Easterbrook has since apologized (rightfully so). Some of you may ask why this is different from Rush Racist (I refuse to disgrace this site by using his full name).

ESPN and it’s corporate parent Disney, in all their tail-tucking splendor, has fired (instead of accepting an apology) a great writer/thinker who has no history of racism because it previously hired (and fired) a man who had a long history of sexism, racism and dumbism — who went on to offend many on national television via ESPN. If a kleptomaniac steals candy, that man should be treated differently than a criminal-record-free man who forgot to pay for one. Since Easterbrook criticized the producers of Kill Bill (Miramax ergo Disney ergo ESPN) this seems more like a case of Disney’s corporate vendetta.

So, this is my protest:

1. Boycott ’till Easterbrook returns.

2. Sign a petition to ask for his return.

3. I ask you to do the same.

It wasn't my idea…

But in the pursuit of all thing free Emily bought a Tigger outfit for infants and we dressed up Nemo for the costume competition at the local PetSmart. Nemo ended up winning and we had a good time laughing with him. Okay, he didn’t laugh as much as he wobbled around.

Laker Lawyer

This is a little late but I am more and more of the impression that if Kobe is not guilty of rape, he is guilty of being a total sleazy dumbass. You are who you hire. And he hired an attorney, Pamela Mackey, who showed the unethical, disgusting side of the law when Pamela Mackey said the accuser’s name six times in court. Pamela Mackey can defend her client with vigor, but that’s just outright disgusting behavior. Did I mention that I found Pamela Mackey’s actions disgusting? Perhaps I am taking out my anger on Pamela Mackey because I also find the TSA’s response to the student who left boxcutters on the planes equally disgusting. That’s another blog.

Son of a Fish!


I really thought with a 3-2 lead at the Friendly Confines that they would pull it off. There may not be a curse, but it sure feels like it.

Finding Waldo…

is a lot easier with this: a Palm PDA with built-in GPS. I am “test-driving” the Garmin iQue 3600 and it’s been awesome! I am very impressed with their software-hardware integration and I found the audio instructions to be good. Acquiring satellites take a few minutes but once you’re up and running, it’s a great replacement for $3000 DVD navigation systems. I am building a cradle for it in my car, but it’s getting more challenging since my car is small and I already have too many gadgets.

We need to Ctrl-Alt-Del the Recording Industry

The music Nazis and their cronies are back at it. This time, trying to intimidate researchers. I will continue my boycott of CDs. The music industry is just trying to sue the pants of everyone so they can continue to use their pathetic excuse for useless technology.


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