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Soldier Field

It looks amazing and I am glad the home team won the stadium-opener. What? The people wearing the Green and Yellow are not the home team? They sure played like it was their house.

Sidenote: My dog is snoring. He fell asleep watching the game. Hahahaha… Truth is funnier than fiction.


What the heck was that?!?! I was afraid of Gus and I was right. Nothing the Niners could do worked right. Mike Tice coached a great game, run if Moss is doubled, throw if he’s singled. I just hope that this is a Dennis Erickson bump in the road.

The 2003 LA to Vegas to Grand Canyon Rally

Mom, Dad, here are the photos.

Let me explain

When I posted on 2003/09/12 (I am referencing myself, is this ridiculous or what?) I was wondering about whether I should go to grad school for architecture. I think when I first started blogging, I was dealing with the same issue, although, I was unemployed at the time. My life would be so different had I taken that path — for better or for worse. Graduate study of architecture is not as glamorous as it sounds. You study for 3 years, then you intern for 3 more and take your licensing exam to make an average of $55,000 a year. Ouch. That’s like going to med school so you can make okay money. I’ll be 31 when I get my license if I start school next year. At some point, I will be a 30-year-old intern. Ugh. I want to be a great architect, not just a good one. I’ll never know until I try but when will I do this? Can I even afford to do it? When I started college as a journalism major, I never cared about the money. I did it for the love an the money followed. Now, I’m not sure that I can be so naive, foolish or brave.

A well-deserved weekend

We had a huge week at work and I am happy to be finally done and rested. What’s next?

We're asking too much from kids

Some high school kids builds a nuclear fusion reactor at home and wins second place at an internation geek fest. Second place for a small nuclear reactor made from scraps. What could the first-place winner possibly have? Naked pictures of the judges?

The Buzzsaw

I gave my dog a haircut today. And I am glad dog’s don’t care how they look cause it looks awful. Poor thing looks like it’s missing patches of fur. I hear it takes practice to get it right and I’m glad it’s him who is the canvas. Sure makes me chuckle every time I see him though.

Troy Hambrick

What’s all this love on Hambrick? The guy carried 23 times for 60 yards. On average, he fell 2.6 yards forward per carry. That’s anemic. That kind of average gets people cut in the preseason. Yeah, I’m hatin’. I’ve never been a Cowboys fan, nor a Hambrick fan.

5 observations from the Bears-Vikings game

1. First play = big statement. Bears defense got used on the pump to Moss. Used.

2. Mo Williams laying clock-cleaning blocks. Backs who can block well are rarer than backs who run well.

3. End of Q2: Culpepper fake run to freeze the defence. Beautiful and 6 points.

4. The Bears offensive line blows. And it doesn’t help when Kordell throws it to a man who has three purple jerseys on him.

5. Is Urlacher on every play? I swear I saw this man bat down balls in the endzone.

Where has the heart gone?

Before I knew money, I knew purpose. When I graduated from high school, I believed in an ideal. One that was composed of free speech, passionate late-night arguments, art, and most of all, the camaraderie of talented peers pursuing a goal through different means. It was journalism. Somewhere in my senior year, I lost that purpose. And ever since, I’ve been looking for it. I sought it when I was starting my company and I came damn close, but it had to end. I love my job, but I long for that purpose. And this thought has been with me for a very long time now. Always in the corner of my thoughts, tugging at me. At times harder than before.


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