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Mild profanity warning! (PG)

The Hummer is the hottest car on earth. And with more dickheads purchasing it, it can only get hotter.

We're all slaves to the machine

I just paid my cell phone bill over the phone and conducted the entire transaction by just talking to a computer. I’ve gotten a flight time and all that before but this was a really smooth transaction and highly accurate. I like the fact that I could avoid a human being who could steal my card number. Someone should figure out how much of the record unemployment is due to computers replacing people’s jobs. And all those old people were afraid of robots. Where are they now? Car factories you say? Yeah, that’s true…

Old friends

I had dinner with Bo Herzog today. Some of you may know him. We were college buddies and he always looks me up when he is in town and I appreciate that. I hope he gets to pursue his dreams.

Pass it on.

Here’s an email from Max Kuecker, a NU friend who also happens to be a seminary grad.:

“A series of conversations, prayers and other events over the past year that I have been back in Chicago have led me to start up a church in the city. In pursuit of my interest in working with the upwardly mobile, the vision of the church plant is to find creative ways to engage Chicago’s professionals and intellectuals in our role as co-workers with God in the process of building His Kingdom. For more details on this, check out our simple temporary webpage.

Prompting this email is the request of a favor. I need help spreading the word about the church. If you know anyone who might be interested in getting involved, either in the current planting stage or down the road when we have open services, could I ask you to shoot them an email with the link to the webpage? anyone you can think of who recently moved to Chicago, might be between churches, or might have once considered looking for a church, but isn’t currently worshipping anywhere… Thanks!

We have enough people at this point to start core team meetings in early Sept – including one woman from the denomination (Evangelical Covenant Church) who brings 7 years of church planting experience. We are looking to launch in the first half of 2004.”

And the winner is…

Nemo. Like the fish, not like the captain. Gigli was a good suggestion, only if it is pronounced like “jiggly.”

Two more car reviews

I have to add the Audi A4 1.8T Quattro and the Mazda 6 to the list of reviews.

Mazda 6 8th place

Pros: Racer looks, sporty suspension and low price

Cons: No navigation, dull interior, lacks zip in first gear

Verdict: Questionable reliability and finish underscores the low price

Audi A4 1.8T Quattro New 4th place above the Saab

(Found 2002 used with 10K at Carmax for $26,000)

Pros: Features galore, euro styling, 4WD

Cons: Muddy shifter and bouncy ride dampened the fun

Verdict: 1.8T didn’t quite have the zip and shifter was annoyingly vague

Note: A coworker kindly pointed out that the Volvo S40 really shouldn’t belong in this comparison — because I’m really looking in the S60 class. No wonder I was so disappointed by the S40. Not knowing much about Volvos, the salesman should have pointed that out when I told him the features and kind of car I was looking for. I might just have to test drive the S60 2.5T. If you look at the features list, the Mazda 6 really doesn’t belong in this comparison either, but I drove it just to do my homework — and also to see if I could live with a less expensive car.

What's in a name?

So far, my dog seems to be behaving himself very well. After a few minor mishaps, I believe he has gotten the idea about when and where to go. We still have to work on his messy eating habits.

Here are some possible names: Einstein, Guggi, Elmo. I can really use a few more suggestions.


Does my dog resemble this photo?

Doggy Fissle Bloggifizzle

Here he is, right after his grooming session…. still no name yet.

I have a roommate now

I’m not sure what I should name him, but to give you an idea, he’s a 6-year-old 15 pound cream-colored miniature poodle with a tennis ball fetish. I’ve been looking for a dog like him for the last 4 months and had to drive down to Tinley Park (1 hour) to adopt him from a shelter down there — it was totally worth the wait and searching. I’m going to have to clean him up a bit before I take pictures. The old owners had given him up when they moved, and apparently, he wasn’t in the best condition. His name is Prince, but we’ll have to come up with a new name. I wonder what Emily will say when she sees him.


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