Take this, Mother Nature!

Roughly 2 years ago a bunch of us went hiking, only to get drench in a surprise storm. We’re going again tomorrow — and it looks like history will repeat. But this time, we’re not so stupid. Or are we?

Chase Cam

Some of you have seen this already. No, it’s not all that entertaining, but if any of you want to create a cheap chase cam for your car and your hot rodding buddies, here are the instructions on building a Weatherproof Car Cam.

Citizen Kane

I finally saw Citizen Kane in it’s entirely for the first time. The movie RKO 281 prompted me to watch it. RKO is a movie about the making of Citizen Kane and it’s lends a lot more depth and historical perspective to why Citizen Kane is the greatest American movie ever made. Then I wondered, … Continue reading Citizen Kane


I suppose you may be tired of hearing about my move, but my DSL is up and clocked in at 926 Kbps baby! For $35/month it rules.

Who Art Thou?

I purchased 3 very large frames from Ikea yesterday and I need to find something to put in them. For the time being, they have differently crumpled up paper inside them. I like the minimalist feel, but they’re not really colorful and I want to put some color in my living room. So I started … Continue reading Who Art Thou?